If you want a long lasting garage door. It’s very important that you take good care of it. You want to do maintenance on it regularly and monthly inspections to make sure it stays in very good condition.

Because if something ever happens to your door and it stops functioning. You’re going to have one big hassle trying to get it fixed. So here’s some advice and things you can do to maintain and keep your garage door in good condition.


Stay Alert!

Always stay alert of anything that’s happening with your garage door. Make sure everything is functioning and working properly at all times. Whenever you open it or close it. Your door should go up and down pretty smoothly without any jerking. You should’t hear any major noises coming from your garage door.


Tighten All Your Hardware Up

Most garage doors are use over a thousands times a year with all the opening and closing. After a while with all the vibration things like rollers and bolts can become loose. With just a simply socket wrench. You can take a few minutes to make sure everything stays tighten up and nothing is loose. This will help keep everything working properly.


Check The Balance Of Your Door

You want to make sure your garage door is balanced. If it ever becomes imbalanced, this could eventually lead up to bigger problems causing the whole garage door to break. To check the balance simply pull the release handle or red cord and then push the door halfway up. Your door should stay there, if not then it’s imbalanced and you need to have a professional repair it.


Change Out Broken Rollers

Whether your using nylon or steel rollers you want to always do an inspection on your rollers at least twice a year.  You want to make sure they don’t have any damage to them. Usually on a average basis they will need to be change every seven years or sooner depending how frequently they’re used.  To easily replace them simple remove the brackets and take the old rollers out. Then slide the new rollers in.


Use Some Lubrication

Another thing you can do to make sure your garage door is working smoothly is apply lubrication to it. This will only take a few minutes of your time and only needs to be done once a year. You can go to your nearest home improvement store to get all the supplies you need to take care of this.